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Selected Writing

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Nongkrong and Nonproductive Time in Yogyakarta's Contemporary Arts

Published November 2016 in PARSE Journal #4: Times, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Notes on Craft and Collaboration: The Digital Realm as a Site for Collaboration

Co-authored by Sonja Dahl, Jovencio de la Paz, and Stacy Jo Scott

Published 2016 in Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture



Print and Digital:


Why, Blue? Reflections on my Personal Relationship with Blue.

Tatter Journal, Issue 3: Blue

January 1, 2022

Whitework: The Cloth and Call to Action.

Paper presented at Textile Society of America's Symposium: The Social Fabric: Deep Local to Pan Global, Vancouver, B.C. September 20, 2016.

Sewing and Seam Ripping: Reflections on the Fabric of Society

Published Spring 2017 in Surface Design Journal

America's Indigo Obsession: From Colonial Plantations to Contemporary DIY Ethos

Published 2017 in the Digital Commons of University of Nebraska Lincoln

Textile Society of America's 2016 Symposium Proceedings

Watch live talk at TSA's 2016 Symposium, "Cross-Currents: Land, Labor, and the Port" in Savannah, GA (scroll to bottom of page under title "Beyond Indigo")

Sharing Creative Process: Brahma Tirta Sari's Batik Mentorship

Published Spring 2016 in Surface Design Journal

On Heat, Sitting, and Sustenance

Published 2016 in Dilettante: Networks of Belonging, pp.28-31

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