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Links to Online Recordings, Projects and Publicity

Recorded Lectures and Interviews:


"Worlding," A Conversation between Jovencio de la Paz and Sonja Dahl, for Portland TextileX

Discussion presented by the MFA in Applied Craft & Design, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland OR

October 27, 2021

“Nongkrong to Research: A Conversation about Indonesian Arts Scene and Creating Works with Indigo.”

aNERDspective episode 36

Interview with Tony Sugiarta of aNERDgallery, Singapore

March 31, 2021

On Mentorship: Cranbrook Academy of Art Symposium. February 2, 2019

Panel presentation with discussion moderated by Glenn Adamson

Sonja's presentation begins at 2:26 in the recording, with panel discussion at 3:23

"America's Indigo Obsession: From Colonial Plantations to Contemporary DIY Ethos."

Paper presented at the Textile Society of America's 2016 Symposium Cross-Currents: Land, Labor, and the Port in Savannah, GA. October 2016.

To watch live talk scroll to bottom of page under title "Beyond Indigo"

Online Projects and Publications:

Radar Poetry, Issue 16

featuring: Messages from the Sun, original cyanotypes by Sonja Dahl and Egress, a collaboration of Sonja Dahl and Jovencio de la Paz

published October 2017


Against White Supremacy - Online publication of

featuring: Whitework: Surrender This Story of Salt 

published August 2017

The Woven Tale Press, Vol. IV #4

featuring an excerpt of “Offerings to the Fire: Recent Sculptures by Martha Banyas" by Sonja Dahl.

PP. 1-2

published July 2016

Not a Single Cell Stand Still - collaboration with Emily Van Kley for

featuring: original cyanotype collages by Sonja Dahl and original poems by Emily Van Kley, created each day in a call-and-response format over the course of 14 days

published March 2016


Barkai, Ester. “Art Review: ‘Quilt Bloc’ at Ditch Projects.” Oregon ArtsWatch, March 7, 2022

Daghlian, Martha. “Warp, Weft, In Between and Beyond.” Oregon ArtsWatch, October 30, 2019


Sutton, Kate. “Bay Watch: Kate Sutton on the New SF MoMA and Open Engagement.” Artforum Diary. May 24, 2016


Sutton, Kate. “Jogja on My Mind: Kate Sutton at the 2013 Biennale Jogja.” Artforum Diary. November 28, 2013

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